Weekly Zoom Meetings

Archive of our Monday evening meetings.

Past Weeks

 Weekly Zoom-Based Healing Group 

 Mondays – 6:30-7:30P

Join our weekly ‘Natural Living Group’.  Currently, we meet via Zoom on Monday evenings at 6:30P based on group conscensus.

We discuss topics that include: Detoxing, Choosing the Right Exercise, Eating Properly, Stewardship, Enjoying Nature with the Family, Parenting,  and a great deal more.  Plus, we have guest speakers present on various health and wellness subjects.

To receive the zoom link, send me an email at: springwatershealing@gmail.com

Access the Archive for previous recordings.


Episode One | Getting Ready

In this first episode from our Monday evening Zoom Sessions, I discuss my background and the importance of detaching from past failures and trauma to begin fresh.

 Importantly, you need to determine what goal you want (and need) to achieve. Is it simply weight loss or do you also want to engage in some form of exercise like me wanting to run again.

For me, I wanted to lose weight, lose my belly, get off all of my medications, and run without risk of injury. Then, it’s important to begin recording the food you eat each day and give intermmittent fasting a try (if your doctor or dietician agrees). There may be reasons for you not to do intermittent fasting but it worked for me. 

Homework: Start logging food items that are consumed. Each day, look back at the previous day’s food and count the calories and carbs. Begin to see what foods could be eliminated or adjusted portion sizes. Next week we will have a kitchen demo with a quick tasty chicken recipe where I’ll go over measuring and weighing out food in order to maintain and accurate count and stay on track.


Mission & Vision

Our mission at Spring Waters Healing Sanctuary is bring healing to every aspect of an individual or families life through the provision of resources, community, spiritual direction, and instruction.  In partnership with other healthcare providers, Spring Waters provides a free and unbiased place for you to live a life of abundance as the perfect human being you were created to be.