Natural Living

Enjoying a life free of toxins and chemicals, basking openly in the air and sun, rejuvenated by fresh waters; recognizing we exist interdependently with countless other life forms on this planet.

Why is it important?

Our societies profit motive has created a situation that inhibits or ability to truly live as our creator envisioned.  While it may be difficult, we must do what we can to see beyond the ever-present marketing messages with the sole purpose of taking our money.

The truth is these marketers (see the movie ‘Food Inc.’) do not care about us personally.  The market is based on profits to investors and dis-ease is highly profitable to them.  

Together, we can change this.  We can begin living a life of unlimited abundance.  Right here, right now.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Me

I discovered natural living back in the early 1990’s after many years of a body image disturbance.  Over the years, I’ve met other like me that enjoy the intoxication of pure water, clean air, and warm sunshine on the skin.